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We specialize in building asphalt driveways that last. Whether you’re starting fresh or looking to rejuvenate a dilapidated driveway, Ace Asphalt is your solution for durable and beautiful residential paving. Our work will turn your current pavement into a focal point that enriches the appearance and value of your home.

Our paving solutions stand up to Minnesota’s harsh extremes. We build our driveways to endure the demands of turbulent weather; each driveway is engineered from the ground up to withstand freezing and thawing, while maintaining a smooth, strong, and continuous surface. At Ace Asphalt, we believe that what’s below the surface is just as important as what’s on top.

We carefully consider your needs to design a driveway that complements your home. We understand that each driveway is different, and our experts have over 30 years of experience in crafting solutions that are as versatile as they are durable. Ace Asphalt, Inc. is known for utilizing hot mix asphalt because of its inviting and attractive appearance, sound-absorbing driving surface, and ease of maintenance. An engineered mix of aggregate or stone and sand is combined with liquid asphalt cement, and the mixture is heated to 300 degrees and liquefied. This mixture is then applied on the driveway while still hot.

Our solutions are cost effective, despite using on average 25% more high-quality material than our competitors.

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What is Hot Mix Asphalt?

Hot mix asphalt is an engineered mixture of aggregate, or stones and sand, with liquid asphalt cement, a petroleum product. Varying sizes of aggregates are heated, then mixed in exact proportions with asphalt cement that has been liquefied at about 300 degrees. While the mixture is still hot, it is delivered to your driveway and paved on top of a base or subgrade that has already been prepared.

How thick should the base be?

The thickness of the gravel base should be from two to eight inches thick. This thickness will vary depending upon the soil conditions. The saying, "An asphalt driveway is only as good as the base beneath it" is so true, it cannot be emphasized enough.

What about Soil Stabilization Fabrics?

Geo textile fabrics help provide cost-effective stabilization of permanent pavements, especially those constructed on weak, moisture-sensitive subsoil.

How is my new driveway installed?

The hot asphalt is now applied with a paving machine. This machine operates on very much the same principle of those used on freeways. It lays a mat of uniform consistency. The mat is then rolled while hot.

What should I expect regarding cracking?

In Minnesota, the frost penetrates the ground as deep as four to six feet. The ground will heave when frozen this deep. No matter how strong the asphalt pavement is constructed, Mother Nature is stronger.



Check out our project gallery and see for yourself why people are choosing Ace Asphalt for their paving needs! With the highest performance standards, we have the experience and quality material to do it right every time.


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